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to provide a collaborative connection between our business clients and their end consumers
through complete integrated solution

Infonito PALM

Internal developed product with centralized merging of market insight, customers analytics, loyalty program and direct marketing solutions. Designed to establish proximate and real-time communication channel to consumers.


Flexible and targeted payment services based on latest payment technologies. In combination with Infonito PALM platform ensures powerful overall B2C solution.

Custom CRM

Client adaptive customer relationship management system for consolidation and automation of sales, marketing and customer support.

Implementation type

Technical platform and all products are designed to be used as a cloud services. Complete administration and usage is managed through web portal and available over web browser.
Optionally, platform can be installed on-premise in special cases.

  • Option

    • Local implementation
    • Capex investment model
    • HW and technical licenses are in client's responsibility

Integration scope

Extreme flexibility of platform and services enables upgrade of existing systems with direct marketing functionality or implementation of independent marketing solution.

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Business Extension


If you already have CRM and/or traditional loyalty sheme in place and just want to extend your connection to consumer over new technologies, our products are suitable for it. It can be easily integrated in already active legacy B2C supported systems and give you new paradigm in consumer approach.

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B2C from scratch


If you want to establish complete new system and business process to manage consumers habits, their needs and keep track of market situation, our products and services will help you in your mission. Beside technology implementation, we can help you to adopt and optimize B2C approach with our experience and market best practice.

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Complete Consumer Care


If you don't have enough resources to execute efficient on-line marketing activities, track and manage consumers habits and improve B2C communication, you can outsource a part or complete B2C segment to us. We can help you with marketing definition, implementation and maintenance based on new technology channels.

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